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I've must have been a really good girl the last 24 hours
because I've been showered with gifts like never before!
So this must be what Christmas feels like? *smirk*

From my man and mother in law:
A pinup book, coconut macaroons and chili nuts.

From my friend Heather:
Tons of Big Red gum, a cute little box of fruit gum,
a lip balm that taste like peaches and a Bettie Page
memo board.

From my friend Zizzi:
Baby blue napkins with polka dots and baby deers,
a very neat washing up brush and a magazine from
the 1950's (not pictured).

From my man:
A canary yellow Glide Deluxe Woodside cruiser from Kustom Kruiser!

It's a used one but who cares?
He found it on eBay this morning and called the guy up
and asked him if he would take it off and sell it to us for
£70 if we picked up today, and so we did!
My old one that I got from my dad on my birthday 2004
got stolen, a guy my man used to know promised me to
pimp it up but that was 15 months ago and the wanker
doesn't answer his phone or reply to emails.
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