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Today it's 12 years since my mom died, I'm not sad or anything,
I'm just wondering where the hell the time went!

I stayed home last night, we were supposed to go to a gig that I've
been looking forward to for quite some time but the Labyrinthitis
fucked my head up so my man had to go by himself.
To my surprise my dad called and just as we hang up my best friend
called, all and all I was yapping o the phone for 4 hours!

During the week we had most of the walls in the house plastered.
Our walls is now smooth as a baby's bottom.

Today I have a cold, again.
My throat is sore and I'm just about to go downstairs and make some
Chai Tea.

Made these earrings today, the charms are vintage and dead cute.

Tags: craft, home, my creations
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