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Had a day out with Angela yesterday.
We went to Primark to check out the new stuff for spring before we went
for a cup of hot cocoa and a chat.
This is some of my finds.

Cardigan, £6.

Shoes, £13.

Clutch bag, £5.

I started a sewing class yesterday evening.
There was about 10 women there plus me.
My teacher was very nice and Norwegian, what I didn't understand in English
she told me in Norwegian. Thank G*d for Scandinavians!

Today I'mvery ill from the Labyrinthitis and I also have a nasty cold on top of
that but I keep myself busy by clearing out my closets, taking photos of the stuff
I don't want and soon they will be up for sale on Tradera.
I have cleared tons of bags and vintage stuff.
Feel free to have a look HERE. (In Swedish only.)

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